Cheers to a Great Weekend

Can you believe the first of October is tomorrow? This realization really creeped up on me earlier this week. I supposed there’s no point in brooding over it, just have to look forward to whatever happens next. My plans for this weekend include¬†catching up with a friend while checking out a new restaurant, and going for a bike ride along the beach with my husband. Relaxing and quiet weekends are what I live for. In case you need something to do while sipping your coffee or tea Saturday morning, here are some fun links from around the web I’ll be checking out. I hope you have a good one!

This short clip reminded me of my time Europe – not understanding what people were saying was the norm!

Nothing like a little¬†Halloween costume inspiration…












Some tips on decorating for fall I’m going to try and implement…


I plan on trying to make this tartlet over the weekend…


Looking at these photo of New York City during autumn make me want to visit again…

Getting some ideas for a pumpkin carving party I’m throwing with a group of girl friends in a few weeks…


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