DIY Planter Box

We live in pretty close proximity to our neighbors, so in an effort to give ourselves a bit more privacy on our deck, my husband and I decided to make some planter boxes. Here are the steps we took in creating these beautiful boxes.

  1. We figured out the dimensions of the planter box before buying the wood: 48″x15″x15″

    2″x2″ wood was used to make the frame of the planter box.


  2. For the bottom of the box, we cut the stained fence pickets to sit just inside the 15″ frame, then nailed them in place.4
  3. We used redwood fence boards for the siding. Using a high pressured nail gun, we attached the redwood to the frame.6
  4. The wood was stained to protect it from the elements. We then lined the planter boxes with plastic to protect the wood from the constant moisture inside. We also add stones to the bottom to help drain the water and keep the soil in the planter.7
  5. We filled them with some tropical plants we found at local nursery.8

I’m so happy with the results!┬áIt makes our outdoor space so much more inviting. Each planter box came out to be $40 of materials per box, compared to store-bought planter boxes where some are priced at $140. If you want more detail on how we made these, let me know and I’d be happy to share.

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