Exploring the Morrell House

.My husband and I love exploring little shops and restaurants the South Bay. Not only is it a great way to support businesses within the community, but it’s also fun to meet other locals. We decided to walk around Morrell House for an afternoon and learn more about the city.

Morrell House

Morrell House

It’s a house that’s been around since before the 1950’s and is completely decked out. It was the first house was one of the first to have electricity in Redondo Beach, and actually had a farm in the backyard at one point. I loved looking at the old photos and seeing what the South Bay used to look like. It’s amazing how it has change over the years. With roads removed and parking lots made, it makes me wonder if all of the developments were necessary.

Morrell House

Morrell House

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One of my favorite photos was of the train going from the green belt up to the Redondo Beach Pier. The train area no longer exists, but to see what used to be there was so incredibly interesting. Another good photo was of the horse and buggies scattered on the beach. It showed the women in their full gowns and men in their suits playing in the sand. For some of those people it was the first time seeing the ocean, and they were afraid of it. Such different times we live in today makes me appreciate history. It’s so amazing! If you’re a history buff I recommend visiting the Morrell House.

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