5 Year Anniversary


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage! It’s crazy to think about how fast those years went by. We have a little tradition of going to Terranea’s Catalina Kitchen for brunch and walking around the landscape to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Afterwards we drove to the South Coast Botanic Garden where we got married. It was so lovely going back to the spot where we said our vows – it made my heart squeeze in the best possible way. We haven’t been back to the garden since we got married so it felt extra special reliving that special day together.


Granted, I’ve learned a lot about marriage of the years, but I thought I would share 5 important points I like to keep in mind so that our marriage continues to be strong and loving.

  1. Learn to respect each other’s differences and be understanding
  2. Be quick to forgive and move on
  3. Go out of your way to show that you love and appreciate them
  4. Never go to bed angry – honestly you won’t get any sleep that night
  5. You can never say ‘I love you’ too many times


If you have anything you’ve learned from your marriage or relationship, please share!

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