Malibu Wine Safari

A good friend of mine and I went to Malibu Wine Safari the other weekend for a day of wine tasting and catching up on life. Neither of us had been before, but since we both enjoy our wine we knew it would be fun.

first taste

What I didn’t know was how far into the Santa Monica mountains it is. If you’re planning to go there for a visit, give yourself plenty of time to get there! Plus, you never know what traffic will be like. Once I got there, I absolutely loved how removed it was form everything – just the rolling hills and miles of vineyards. Sipping wine with a friend is truly the best way to kick off summer, in my opinion.


One of the best parts of the wine safari was feeding the animals – it made me feel like a kid again. They had quite a few horses, but we did get to meet some lamas, alpacas, and zebras as well. They did have a giraffe, but it was his day off that day apparently.

feeding zebra

Look at the teeth on the zebra! I thought it was absolutely hilarious, but then again, I did have quite a bit of wine by this point…

After the safari was done and the tour headed back to the entrance, we rested under what little shade we could find and sipped a couple of glasses of water to ensure we weren’t dehydrated. It just so happened to be a blistering 96 degrees that day! As my makeup was slowly melting off my face (gross, I know) I realized I needed to find different makeup to wear for my upcoming trip to Europe this summer.

After we rested and rehydrated under the cool shade, it was time for us to get ready for dinner. Luckily, we both brought a change of clothes to feel fresh again. So after a quick wardrobe change we headed back down the windy roads to Geoffrey’s for dinner.


We were seated over a great spot overlooking the ocean and could feel the refreshing ocean mist lightly touching our faces as we enjoyed our dinner. My friend, Angela, and I have known each other for years, and I’m very grateful for our friendship. It’s so easy to talk with her and we always share a good laugh (and sometimes tears) together. It’s great having a friend you know you can always count on. Cheers to life-long friends!

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