Mason Pearson Brush – Worth the Splurge?


Have you heard of this Mason Pearson brush? I’m sure you have because there’s a bit of fuss about it. I’ve heard different things about it for a couple of years now and never understood the need to spend well over $100 on a hairbrush. It wasn’t until I went to see my dermatologist, who has amazingly beautiful hair, said that the Mason Pearson brush is a game changer. Being the curious gal I am, I gave in and decided to drop way too much dough on this hairbrush hoping my hair would look incredible. Who doesn’t want fabulous looking hair?

The photos below are taken on the days after I would normally wash my hair. I wanted to see if the Mason Pearson brush lived up to its reputation of distributing the oil throughout my hair. For the record, I used absolutely no hair oil or dry shampoo during the week these photos were taken.

1 timeOn Monday my hair felt healthy, smooth, and way less frizzy.

2 timeWednesday I really wanted to wash my hair. My roots felt kind of dirty, but the ends of my hair didn’t feel as dry as they usually do. 

3 timeI felt like I was finally getting used to the texture of my hair by Saturday. I was able to do things, like a  ponytail or side braid, without needed texturizing powder. 

My overall thoughts on this brush? I don’t think I can fairly judge it in just a week’s time. I will say that I was impressed with how it tamed my frizz and detangled without feeling like my hair was ripping out. Does it properly distribute the oil throughout my hair? I don’t know about that. Is it worth its hefty price tag? In my humble opinion, it’s definitely not.

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