Spending a Long Weekend in Denver

Back in January my friend, Dian, wanted to celebrate her birthday in Denver. Why Denver you ask? Since most of the girls going were living across the U.S., it was the most central spot for us to meet. I’d been to Colorado Springs half a dozen times, but had never spent time in Denver proper. I was looking forward to having some girl time, exploring a new city, and embracing whatever weather Colorado was planning to throw at us.

Downtown Denver – Sleepy on the outside, lit on the inside

For brunch we went to this little gem (or jam you could say) on the corner of Pearl and 13th Avenue called Jelly Cafe. We stuffed ourselves full of donuts, coffee, and omelets in preparation for our walk through the city.

Downtown felt sleepy, like people were still in the middle of hibernating or the cold kept them moving at a slower pace I wasn’t used to. The first place we checked out on our excursion was the Colorado State Capitol building. Not that I’m a history or political buff, but it was fun to learn more about the history of Colorado.


denver{I slammed the hammer here^^}

The rest of the afternoon was spent perusing little shops, pubs, and later enjoying a night on the town. Denver is interesting; during the day it’s super mellow and calm, but at night it’s like everyone comes out of the woodwork and the city lights up.


After catching up on some much-needed sleep, the following day we checked out the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The stunning view from the top shows all of Downtown Denver and the neighboring cities with open fields stretching as far as the eye could see. It’s different from the view of ocean and concrete jungle that I’m used to.



Later that evening, we went to a rooftop bar called Avanti. The wine was great, the ambience was fun, but unfortunately I can’t say much about the outdoor rooftop bar area. By the time the sun set it  was absolutely freezing! It’s not a bad view though…



Overall, Dian’s birthday in Denver was a hit! What more does a girl’s trip need but good food, drinks and good company?

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