An Update on Our Europe Trip

As I mentioned a while back in a previous post, my husband and I are planning a trip to Europe to celebrate my graduation and our anniversary (even though it’s actually this weekend). We’ve been planning and budgeting for this trip for about 2 years now, and are so excited for our upcoming adventure together! Here’s where we’re planning to go…

europe trip map

If you have been to any of these places and have a recommendation, please let me know!

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Dana Ivy

Omgosh what an unbelievable trip you have planned! I’ve never been to any of these places but will get there someday! My good friends just moved back to Chicago after living in Brussels for 3 years! They had the best experience! You’ll have so much fun too! Memories to last a lifetime!

Xox Dana Ivy //


Aw how lovely! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to build new memories. 🙂