A Day of Exploring London

My much-anticipated trip to Europe has begun! My first stop is London – Brixton, actually. London is quite expensive to stay in during the summer (or all year long?) so I decided to book a place in Brixton. Before I arrived, I didn’t know very much at all about Brixton, but I’ve come to really like the little neighborhood. The majority of the community here is of Caribbean descent, which makes the restaurants, shops, and markets quite unique and different from what I’m used to. Surrounding my apartment are a bunch of markets and stall selling all kinds of fish, herbs, spices, and incense. It’s been fun just poking around to see what everyone has to offer!

Being that I particularly enjoy a good burger, I went looking for a place that could satisfy my craving. I found this place in Brixton Village called Honest Burgers¬†and it pretty good – not the best burger I’ve ever had, but it hit the spot nonetheless. #burgersnob #sorrynotsorry




Adjusting to the time change has been no easy feat, to be honest. Most days by the time I wake up, get ready, and head out of Brixton it’s almost time for lunch. For one lunch I went to The Table. It was quite tasty, but let me tell you, a Full English Breakfast is quite a lot of food! I couldn’t finish my meals, but they fueled me for a long day of walking!

the table


It’s hard not to be a tourist in a city that has so much history. I walked to The Globe Theater then to the Tower Bridge. I quickly realized the importance of wearing comfortable shoes, and was glad to be wearing my favorite pair of flats!


I’m really thankful it hasn’t rained while I’ve been in London. It’s actually been pretty decent weather, which has made it really enjoyable to walk around and explore the city. I’m sure you can already tell from the photos above, but this trip will consist of a lot of eating! So I hope you won’t mind that for the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some of my favorites bites during my trip abroad. Cheers!
london tower

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