Beach Gear

Phil and I live just a short drive from the beach, so we try to take advantage of that by going a few times a week. When we first got married I would over-pack and end up having to lug around all our stuff. After a few trips to the beach, I quickly learned what we absolutely need to bring, and what can be left at home.

1. Beach Blanket– I like to bring one that is really bright in color, that way if my husband decides to go for a surf and drifts down shore, he’ll know where to spot me.

2. Sunscreen– I love this stuff! Not only does Coola Sunscreen smell divine, but it also uses organic ingredients.

3. Beach Bag– This bag is great in that it is fully lined inside and has zippers so your keys, wallet, and phone won’t fall out. I really like that you can personalize it too!

4. Water Bottle– Staying hydrated at the beach is really important. I like this REI CamelBak water bottle because it keeps your drink cool for long periods of time.

5. Sunglasses– I like to get polarized sunnies to add that extra layer of protection for my eyes.

Depending on who I’m with, sometimes I’ll bring a volleyball to hit around or a good book to read. I’d love to know, what are your beach essentials?

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