Beet Juice


I try to incorporate fruits and vegetables into my diet as much as possible, but being a full-time student sometimes it’s just easier to grab a power bar or  trail mix as I head out the door. My husband and I bought this juicer not too long ago and it has quickly become one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. I love how the end result is straight up juice-no additives whatsoever.

Here’s a recipe for beet juice that is as healthy as it is tasty.

{Makes about 3 glasses}

>  2 chopped beets

>  4 peeled cara cara oranges

>  3 chopped green apples

>  4 carrots

I start by juicing the carrots and then the apples {the apples push whatever didn’t get juiced from the carrots though the juicer}. I then go back and forth between juicing the oranges and beets so that everything gets processed through the juicer. After I’ve incorporated all of the fruits and veggies, I let the juicer run for a few more seconds to get every last bit of juice. Give the juice a little stir to blend everything together before drinking. If the juice has too much of that earthy beet flavor, feel free to adjust the juice to your liking. Enjoy!





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love the color of that juice!

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