Blueberry Scones

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I was out and about buying groceries the other day when I came across a giant punnet of blueberries. They looked too delicious to pass up, and the price was right so they came home with me. Other than putting the blueberries in the usual oatmeal and yogurt, I decided to make some blueberry scones to have something different for breakfast during the week.

dough with berries

As I’m baking these scones I realize that I only have the exact amount of flour that I need – no room for mistakes here. As I’m kneading the dough I’m finding the dough sticking to my counter and not morphing into the shape I need it to, and would you look at that, I am out of flour. But wait! I remember that I have some bread flour in an air-tight container in the cupboard, I’ll just use a little bit of that. So as I’m sprinkling the flour all over the dough I see tiny black spots. As I look closer those tiny black spots are moving. There were weevils now all over my blueberry scone dough! Completely disgusted and annoyed I stormed out of the kitchen complaining how I’m a horrible cook, a horrible wife, and just a horrible person for having weevils in my flour. I then decided to look through all my flour containers and toss out the weevil infested ones.

on the rack

Fast forward a day later and I’m determined to make these blueberry scones. So I buy fresh flour and start again. The end result? Delicious, flaky, blueberry scones. Everything you want you want in a scone. It went down well with a dark roasted espresso. Here’s a link to a recipe similar to the one I followed for making blueberry scones.

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Don’t feel too bad. Weevils occur naturally in flour and wheat kernels from the supermarket. That’s why they were in a perfectly sealed container. Best to just change flour supplies often.

~ carmen ~

Your scones looking at early delightful. You can’t go wrong with flaky blueberry scones. :]

// ▲ ▲


Thank you! They tasted as good as they looked.