Brussels is like a Box of Chocolates…

Let me explain…I wasn’t quite sure what to expect Brussels to be like. I thought it’s culture was going to be a cross between Germany and France, and the language was going to be a mix of the two. While that is somewhat the case, although in Brussels the main language spoken is French, the culture and city are something else entirely. The city is a melting pot of tourists, locals, immigrants with beautiful historic buildings that seem to have been forgotten about. We would be walking down one beautifully picturesque street and the next would have eccentric looking street art covering the side of an entire edifice. You never know what you’re going to get with Brussels. From people playing pingpong in the middle of the street to high end art galleries on the adjacent street, the city is incredibly diverse.

IMG_6646 IMG_6653

street art

If you like beer then Belgium is the place for you! I’m not a beer connoisseur like my husband, but I do enjoy a good beer on a warm summer day. My favorites thus far have been Orval, Westmalle Dubbel, La Chouffe, and Rochefort 10. They go down particularly well with some pom frites!

pom frites

One night while we were sitting in our apartment we heard the steady beat of drums coming from the end of the street. Curious, we went down to see what was causing the noise, and to our surprise we walked right into the medieval-themed parade, Ommegang.

red ommegang

We followed them along and made our way to the Grand Place where people were entertaining with puppets, singing creepy opera, and riding beautifully decorated horses around the square. The buildings in the Grand Place were lit up giving them an ominous and eerie look, starkly different from their regal appearance during the day.

grand place blue

One of the best thing about Brussels is that there is no shortage of cafes. Instagram eat your heart out.

temps de tartines

Our host from AirBnb suggested going to a place called Les Temps des Tartines and everything from their desserts to lunch specials was delicious.


Brie et jambon quiche pour lui, et legume penne pour moi. Formidable!

lucn penne


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