Can You Say Swiss Without a Smile?


Switzerland is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. Not only are the streets clean, but there are rolling green hills everywhere. They say you can’t say Swiss without smiling, and after spending time there I now understand why. During my trip I did a high ropes course, which was unlike any I’ve ever done. The obstacle course was hidden by a dense forest high upon a hill. I would be ziplining from tree to tree with a steady stream flowing below me, and cows grazing the fields next to me. I remember thinking, people actually live here? How is this place real?




During my last days in Switzerland a group of us decided to drive to Munich, and along the way stop by Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the same castle Disney was inspired by to create Cinderella’s. Although we didn’t go inside the castle (it was around a 3 hour wait) walking around the common area was still really enjoyable.





What can I say about Munich? Not very much, to be honest. We spent most of the time in a beer garden telling stories, people watching, and drinking beer of course.


Unfortunately, our good times were cut short when we all caught wind of the shooting taken place just a few miles away. When you read about shootings and terrorist attacks on the news you feel sorry for the victims and people affected by such a terrible thing. It is another thing when you are so close to a situation that you really understand what that fear is like. Thank goodness the shooting didn’t escalate any more than it did, but it still makes me feel for the ones who are constantly living in fear. I know an attack or shooting can happen at home too, but I guess when you’re on vacation you let your guard down and have a carefree attitude feeling untouchable – at least I felt that way. But after being in Brussels, Paris, and Munich I definitely am more thankful and appreciative of the people putting their lives on the line to make everyone feel safe and protected.

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