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Chanel With a Side of Escargot


Chanel with a side of escargot…quite the combination, right? Prior to our trip to Paris there were two things that I wanted: escargot and Chanel. I don’t own anything Chanel, and I’ve never tried escargot before, but since we were in Paris I though it the perfect opportunity.

Escargot in Paris

By the time we arrived in Paris both my husband and I were starving. We found Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie near our apartment and were so excited to see that they offered both escargot and foie gras. Considering that I’ve never had foie gras either, I was looking forward to trying both in one deliciously luxurious meal. While our meal and the service were both excellent, by the time my husband and I left the restaurant is was full of tourists. Once again, I know we’re traveling to Europe during the most touristy time of year, but it was really nice having the whole inside restaurant to ourselves for a time.


The following day we geared up for a day of walking around and sightseeing. We went to see Notre Dame and was stunned by its magnificent architecture. The line for the in-depth tour was too long for us so we decided to walk to walk around inside the main level (for free!).

front of notre dame

During our travels we’ve seen numerous churches and cathedrals with my favorite being the cathedral in Ghent, but the abundance of stained glass windows inside Notre Dame is both impressive and majestic.

notre dame

After perusing Notre Dame, we stopped at a little boulangerie for a croissant and decided to trek over to Champs Élysées in search of something Chanel.

bubs and I in front of Eiffel Tower

Before we arrived in Paris I had some some secondhand/vintage stores I wanted to look at hoping I would find something special to take home with me. As we were walking up Rue de la Renaissance there was a cute little shop having its exterior painted and a real estate sign hanging in front. Looking closer I saw a beautiful display of colorful coats, shoes, hats, and jewelry behind the glass window. Wide-eyed, I sheepishly walked into the store with my French phrasebook in hand excited to browse through the designer goods. While there were so many lovely pieces in there, I had my heart set on this beautifully simple pearl necklace. When the owner and I agreed on a price the necklace was mine and I practically skipped out of the store giving my husband a big ol’ kiss – I was so excited! A vintage Chanel pearl necklace bought in Paris made me one happy clam.

chanel pearls




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