Dry Skin Savers – Avoid Having Lizard Skin

Every winter I do an inventory check on my beauty products. I go through more creams and lotions this time of year because the dry weather makes my knuckles crack, my nose bleeds, and my face feels as dehydrated as the Mojave Desert. The lightweight creams I use throughout the year are swapped out for thicker, richer creams. Without further ado, here are my dry skin savers that I swear by.

dry skin

Dry Skin Savers

Beautycounter Face Oil – Out of all the face oils out there, this one is my favorite. It contains a combination of plant oils that are easily absorbed into the skin, preventing me from looking and feeling like a grease pit. Using a couple of drops, I apply the oil over my face, neck, and décolleté. I love how lightweight it feels as it provides nourishment and gives my skin a healthy, ethereal glow. I appreciate its mild scent, considering I like to apply a fair bit. This Beautycounter face oil keeps my face soft and supple all day long.

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment –  Ever since my sister-in-laws introduced me to this ointment five years ago I have been hooked. Not only is it multi-use, but it is hands-down the best chapstick I have ever used. I apply Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment at night and wakeup with lips as soft as buttercream. I have one in my purse, car, work desk, and nightstand…you could say I’m obsessed.

billie goat soap – Do your knuckles ever crack to a point where it looks like lizard skin? Mine do, and it’s rather unpleasant looking. A dear friend of mine from Australia kindly gave me this hand cream recently. I haven’t been using it for very long, but I’m wondering how I ever lived without it? I love how creamy and silky it feels on my hands without leaving any sticky residue. It completely absorbs in a matter of minutes leaving me with hydrated hands, and putting my lizard skin to shame.

dry skin

Pure Humidifier – If I had a list of best purchases, this humidifier would rank #1. I’ve had it for a little over a year and it’s been great for combating sore throats and bloody noses. I turn it on right before I go to bed and wake up feeling refreshed. I like that it make the room feel like a spa, but I have to remember to keep a window cracked open – don’t want to encourage any mold growth!

What are some of your dry skin savers? I’d love to know!

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