My 5 Minute Clean Beauty Makeup Routine

Since the COVID lockdown, I’ve forgone makeup basically every day. Being a makeup guru, I was a little sad that my lovely collection was sitting in my drawer not seeing the light of day. My skin, on the other hand, was thanking me for the time off of product use.

At the start of lockdown, working from home was a treat. I got to be comfortable, go sans makeup, throw my hair up in a topknot and I’m set for the day. Almost a year later, I can honestly say that even that uniform got boring. At the start of this 2021 year, I decided to pep up my WFH look. I’m still in some form of sweats and a t-shirt for the most part, but with the help of a little makeup, I feel more awake and ready for work, even though my workmates won’t be seeing my face anytime soon.

Wearing makeup again is something I’m doing for myself. I love applying blush and seeing how it automatically brightens my face. It makes me feel more awake. And the stickiness your lips get when you’ve just applied lipgloss? Love it. Reminds me of when I was a kid opening a fresh tube of Lip Smackers chapstick and coloring that watermelon flavor all over my lips.

Let’s be honest though, as confident and put-together as I want to feel, I’m also not about to spend time contouring and applying multiple different shades of eyeshadow every morning. I’m talking about a five-minute makeup routine that’s going to give me that fresh-faced look without sacrificing time from my morning routine.

Here’s My 5 Minute Makeup Breakdown:

There is definitely a trend in my makeup preferences. I have very sensitive skin, and after years of trials and error, my skin finally found reprieve with clean beauty products. In this makeup routine, the cream products blend really well together, giving me an effortless flush of color. The pressed base is more of an all-over face powder that I use as a light dusting of concealer on places that need a little coverage. Lifehack – mascara prevents me from rubbing my eyes during work, so if I’m feeling drowsy I’ll go for a quick walk or make myself a cup of coffee. Brow gel is used to keep those bushy hairs in place, and lipgloss is just fun to wear, so why not?

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