A Day in Westminster and the Evening in SoHo

Big Ben

London is such a beautiful city, and I think if my husband and I could withstand cold weather a bit better we could live there. During our final time in London we popped on over to Westminster to have a look around. We were walking around the beautiful Westminster Abbey when we stumbled upon an organ recital! The inside of the Abbey is positively stunning with stained glass windows, sculptures, and portraits of religious and historical happenings (no cameras allowed).

Front of WA

Westminster Abbey

Ray Ban Aviators, Target Top, Gap Jeans, Paul Mayer Flats, Rebecca Minkoff Purse

flat iron menu

For dinner that evening we met up with my husband’s cousin, Nicole, for dinner in SoHo at a place called Fat Iron. The wait for our table was quite long, so we decided to grab a pint at a little pub around the corner while we waited. When we finally got seated at our table they served us with popcorn to nibble on while we browsed their simple menu. The popcorn, might I add, was actually really good. Not movie theater popcorn, but just the right amount of butter and salt to keep you from being hangry.

flat iron burger

My husband ordered their burger with chips, of course.

my steak and sides

Nicole and I both ordered the juicy and tender flat iron steak with béarnaise sauce. I got a side order of greens and peas while she had the roasted aubergine. Everything was delicious, and what was even better was that the flat iron steak only cost £10! I would say that’s quite a deal.


For dessert we got the salted caramel mousse with a side of sea salt to share. I was expecting more of a dense mousse, but this reminded me of whipped cream. That was alright though, a lighter mousse was probably for the best considering we were all stuffed to the brim by the end. But hey, we’re on holidays! That’s part of traveling.

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