Kensington & Les Mis

You know what I absolutely love about London? The abundance of parks and green areas. We’ll be walking around the city and then behind a cluster of high rises will be a beautiful green area with people basking the sun (when it decides to poke through the clouds), people sitting on park benches taking a break from work and enjoying the outdoor space. It really makes me wish we had something like that in LA.


One garden area I was particularly pleased with was at Kensington Palace. While it is immensely touristy, I really did enjoy learning about the history behind the Windsor lineage. This particular tapestry was the oldest thing in the palace. Funnily enough, it was the first time I was able to use what I learned form my art history class in college! It took 10 years to make the tapestry and it was originally created in 1490. The detail of the tapestry was stunning, and makes you really appreciate the talent and time devoted to create such a work of art.

oldest thing in the palace

With dark clouds looming over us the entire time, I was really thankful it didn’t rain – not even once!

from of palace

Me and my love

kensington far away

walking around Kensington

Pilcro Denim Jacket, H&M Sweater, Asos Skirt, Rebecca Minkoff Purse, Paul Meyer Shoes

Close up of me and garden

After walking around for hours we decided to have a snack at The Orangery, a nice place to have tea and sweets while people watching. I threw a tea party for a friend of mine last year, and while mine was more of a brunch than an afternoon tea, I did take a few tips for the next time I decide to throw a brunch tea party. By the way, everything on this tiered cake stand was delicious!


To end the evening we headed to the Queen’s Theatre to watch Les Misérables. I’ve seen a handful of good shows, including Wicked and Phantom of the Opera, but this show was absolutely wonderful. Every song was sang with so much gusto it gave me chills. The show has been running for 30 years, and after seeing it now I know why it has been running for so long. If you live in London or are planning to visit, I would recommend going to see Les Mis play. It really was enjoyable!

Les Mis

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Thanks for sharing your lovely adventure and pictures!


Thanks for stopping by!