Ladies Who Lunch


A favorite place I like to go to grab a break and lunch is at Nick’s in Manhattan Beach. They have fantastic Mimosas, and one of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve ever had. Not to mention, I have never had a bad meal there. A particular favorite dish of mine is the Salmon with mashed potatoes and sautéed kale – it’s something I cook at home as well and Nick’s does a fantastic recreation. I took my mom, sisters, and niece there this past weekend and everyone loved it. Plus, after you’re full of goodness and have a food baby, you can take a nice stroll down to the pier and back. If you’re stopping through Manhattan Beach I would suggest checking this place out for a good meal or drink.

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Dana Ivy

Umm, yum! And now I am hungry mashed potatoes and sauteed kale!!!! Hope you have a great week!!

Xox Dana Ivy //


Thanks, Dana! Hope you do too!