Roadtrip to Lyon to watch Le Tour De France

me crossing the canal

There were only two reasons why I decided to go through the hassle of renting a car and driving south from Paris to Lyon: the food and Le Tour de France. I was only there for a long weekend, but two meals, in particular, would go down as “the best meals in Europe”, Bouchon Comptoir Brunet and Bouchon Thomas. Lyonnaise food is rich in flavor (and calories, but who’s counting?) and what made these meals so great was the experience I had during the meals. I think by the time I left France I could smoothly order in French, which was so much fun!

too excited for dessert

{Clearly, I’m a little too excited for the desserts…}

I’m not much into cycling, but it has long been my dream to cheer alongside the cyclists as they ride up the French mountains. So on Sunday morning, I headed out to watch Le Tour. I packed a picnic, plenty of sunscreen and water, and headed out to the French countryside. Seeing the locals and those cyclists work so hard made my heart so incredibly full. It made the hassle of renting a car, driving down the wrong roads a few times, and getting frustrated at not being able to read French road signs all worth it.

Le Tour de France

view from our room

{The view from my apartment window}

me crossing canal in romper

{Romping my way to dinner at Bouchon Thomas}

top of Lyon

{The view of Lyon from the top of Basilica de Fourvière}

Lyon river

{Rhône River at dusk}

Inside church in Lyon

{The insanely detailed and beautiful inside of the Basilica de Fourvière}

selection of gelete

I grabbed the glacier from Terre Adélice twice because it was so delicious and it was also 90 degrees out, which definitely helped the craving. I ordered coconut and lavender and both were equally delicious. If you find yourself in Lyon one summer, this place cannot be missed!

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