A few days ago my husband’s uncle gave us and a few other cousins a ride on his boat out on to Lake Ontario. It was absolutely beautiful and so serene. We arrived a bit earlier than everyone else so we decided to snap a few photos while we were waiting. I wasn’t able to take any photos while we were on the boat, unfortunately, I got a little sea sick. So far I have been loving our trip and have been enjoying spending time with my husband’s side of the family. Everyone is so warm and welcoming it makes my heart squeeze. We are going up north to a little cottage on the lake for the next couple of days and while I won’t have any wifi, I’m looking forward to disconnecting. Sometimes a good break like that is nice. I’ll be posting when we get back on Wednesday Friday. Until then, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

2 {Similar Sweater//Similar Blouse//Similar Scarf//Pants//Sandals//Purse}



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