My Secret to Soft Skin

Last weekend I was at an Oscar’s party in West Hollywood playing wingman for a friend of mine, and during the party my friend started petting my arm. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she yelled above the blaring music, “Your skin is so soft!” and then demanded to know what I use. She’s quite a beauty guru so I was super flattered that she wanted to know my beauty secret. My sister-in-law has told me many times before that her skin has been feeling dry or itchy, so I thought I would share two really incredible products that have changed how my skin feels.


I’ve been using Herbivore products for almost a year now and love how they make my skin feel. I like to use the rose scrub to exfoliate before shaving, or on any dry patches of skin. I love that the scrub has coconut oil in it, so it’s hydrates the skin while exfoliating without being too abrasive. The jasmine oil smells heavenly without being overly floral. I apply it while my skin is still slightly damp after showering, and it soaks almost immediately. I notice that my skin feels soft and smooth all day long, and I love catching a whiff of jasmine throughout the day.

Have you tried Herbivore products before?

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