New Beauty Buys – Face Masks

I recently added some face masks to my collection. Masks are a great skin pick-me-up, and another way to add nourishment. This time of year I notice that my face feels a bit parched and lackluster. So to I decided try try some face masks that I’ve been eyeing for a while hoping they would give my skin a little boost. Before using any mask I always place a warm dampened towel over my face to open up my pores. I feel like doing that helps the mask penetrate into the deeper layers of my skin.

Here are some thoughts on the my new face masks.

GLAMGLOW – SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment: Whenever I get a pimple or notice that my pores look a little clogged I like to use this mask to help clean them out. What I love about this is how is makes my skin feel afterwards – soft and clean. Some blemish fighting masks make my face feel dry, like it sucked out all the moisture, but that’s not the case with this product. Before using this mask I’ll put a warm towel over my face to open up my pores. Then I apply the mask and leave it on according to the directions. Afterwards I wash off the mask, and apply a thin layer of my favorite moisturizer.

face masks

Skin Inc. – Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask: I’ve been meaning to try this mask for a while, but was always turned off by the price. I decided to give it a try and I’m actually glad I did! The texture is gel-like and a bit difficult to see in the photos. The mask recommends to apply it even under the eyes, which I thought was interesting. However, when I did both the 30 minute and overnight mask my under eyes, as well as the rest of my face, felt soft and supple. It’s everything you want a hydrating mask to do.

face masks

A bit difficult to see the mask in this photo, but it’s there!

Farmacy – Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask: I was first drawn to this face mask because of the honey. Honey is abundant in health benefits, so I was hoping it would do the same as a topical treatment for my skin. This mask is rather viscose, but spreads like a charm. After using the spatula to scoop the product all over my face I began to gently rub it in. A couple of seconds later the honey started turning into a white creamy texture. I left the mask on for the recommended time, then washed it off to reveal vibrant, glowing skin – literally. Something important to also note is that my face began feeling warm as the honey turned white. While the heat sensation didn’t bother me, someone with more sensitive skin might be affected by it.

face masks

Have you tried any of these masks? Let me know your thoughts!

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