Peach Cobbler


I was at Whole Foods the other day picking up some meat for dinner when I caught a whiff of the ripe peaches; I couldn’t resist, I had to bring some home with me. As I was driving home with the peaches in the back seat, I had to make a sharp turn and could hear all my groceries falling on top of each other. I just knew my peaches would take a beating. Sure enough when I got home they were pretty smushed. I was trying to think of how I could turn my now smushed peaches into a tasty dessert.  I found this peach cobbler recipe from Epicurious and even though I wasn’t able to cut my peaches into perfect slices, the end result was still just as tasty! A little (or big) scoop of vanilla ice-cream really complements the flavor of the peaches without being overly sweet. I think this dessert was the perfect way to welcome summer, officially.


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