Pecan Pie – My Thanksgiving Tradition

Fall is my favorite time of year. There’s magic in the air and it’s a season of wonder and possibilities. I wish the weather actually changed according to the calendar, but sadly LA doesn’t abide by those rules. One of the ways I like to make fall feel like it’s actually happening is baking something festive. In comes this pecan pie delight!

It’s everything I want in a pie – a homemade butter crust that’s flaky and compliments the sweetness of the pie. Serve it with a dollop of homemade whipped cream (or store bough if that’s your fancy) and you’ve got yourself a great Thanksgiving dessert!

I went to Friendsgiving this year and decided to contribute my pecan pie to the feast. Read on to see how I made it!

Simple & Delicious Pecan Pie

A fluted crust gives it that professional baker touch!

Mix a little bit of sugar, butter, corn syrup, and eggs together to form a syrupy looking paste.

Add in the toasted and chopped pecans to the sugary mixture.

Pour it into the prepared pie dish and throw it back in the oven for about an hour. Pecan pie needs about four hours to set. Yes, four hours. Because of this, pecan pie is one that you’ll want to make ahead of time and when you’re not in a rush. Having everything prepared and ready to bake is an easy way to make the whole pie baking process run much smoother.

The completed pie – set and ready to be eaten!

Although you can eat pecan pie at room temp, you can also warm it in the oven at 125F for about 15 minutes. That will be enough really melt any whipped cream you through on top. See below for what I’m talking about!

The recipe I used is a family secret, but this All Recipe’s one is very similar.

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