Product Review: Healthy Deodorants

Probably about three or so years ago I stopped using my trusty Dove deodorant to give the natural ones a go. It has been a long procedure of trial and error (and stinky pits) until I’ve found one that really works and is a healthier option. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to health and beauty products, but here is my experience with natural deodorants. What do you think about natural deodorants?


LAVANILA – My favorite. The scent is fresh and it lasts all day, but at $14 a pop it doesn’t make it the most cost-effective.

alba – I have used some of their lotions before and they were nice, but this deodorant did nothing for me. I would need to continuously apply it throughout the day for it to be effective.

Hugo Naturals – I wasn’t too impressed with this one because even though it says it’s “unscented” it made me smell worse than not wearing any deodorant.

ADAMA Minerals – My husband actually uses this one and he loves it. Even with all his physical activities, he still manages to smell clean.

KISS MY FACE – I like the price point of this one; however, it did not mask any scent and it actually made my armpits feel really damp.

CRYSTAL – I will occasionally use this one. I do like that for the first couple of hours it’s working fine, but by the evening I need to change my shirt. The good thing is it’s only $4.

Tom’s of Maine – Horrible. This honestly made me smell really bad and it made my armpits sweat more! Even the long-lasting ones did not work for me.

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