Purse: Splurge or Save – Mark Cross v. Zara

It wasn’t up until a couple of years ago where I thought about incorporating classic, timeless pieces into my closet. In an effort to also make my wardrobe timeless, but still unique to me I began purchasing pieces I would wear for a number of years and not just what was trending. A tailored black pencil skirt, a trench coat, and the perfect pair of boots have taken up residence in my closet. A beautifully made leather purse that is used for work and travel is also something worth investing in.

Zara Purse Review

I bought this Zara mini crossbody bag the other week and it wasn’t until I saw this Mark Cross bag that I realized what a deal I stumbled upon. The olive-moss green color has been pairing nicely with my outfits. It’s actually a refreshing break from the traditional brown, black, and beige bags that I usually gravitate toward. To top it off, the bag came with its own little scarf. How could I resist that? Even on days when I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt, this bag elevates the look a little. The purse has 2 main compartments that fits my wallet, phone, keys, and sunnies perfectly. My Zara purse may not be made out of the highest quality leather, but I think it’s a great dupe for the Mark Cross purse. One thing I do wish the Zara bag offered, is the ability to remove the long strap.

It’s worth noting that everyone has different items they believe are worth investing in. Not to mention, we all have varying wallet sizes. What are your thoughts on this? I’m curious to know what you think.


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