Summer Makeup


Last weekend I went to Kansas for my best friend’s graduation; to say that it was hot and humid is an understatement. While I was worried that my makeup would melt off within the first few minutes of heat, I was pleasantly surprised that it lasted the entire day without touchups. During the summer, I’m all about no-fuss makeup that evens my complexion and enhances my natural features without making my skin feel heavy. This was my makeup routine while I was in Kansas, and is one that I will continue to use throughout summer.


Here, I’ve combined my primer, foundation, and a luminizer to save time and also give my skin a healthy glow.


I like to add a little blush to the apple of my cheeks to give them some color and keep me from looking washed-out.


I have some pretty thick eyebrows to begin with, so with my brow powder I just fill in the sparse areas, comb it through to blend, and add brow gel to set them in place.


I like to keep the eyes pretty simple: lash conditioner, mascara, and an inner rim liner.


My favorite part – adding a little lipstick.



**I realize that I’ve linked a lot of my makeup to Sephora, but this post was not sponsored. I’m pretty sure Sephora has no clue who I am. I simply wanted to share some tips and tricks with the world. 🙂 

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