Sunset Stroll


Asos Sweater, Revolve Clothing Jacket, Gap Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger Booties, Kate Spade Bag, Pandora Bracelet, Ray Ban Aviators, Nars Jungle Red Lipstick


Lately we’ve been having rather strange weather here in the South Bay. The mornings are brisk and foggy, but by the afternoon most of it burns off leaving a little chill in the air. I don’t mind it, actually, it just means I’ve had to be a little more creative in figuring out what to wear – I’ve been both stupidly hot while wearing a wool sweater and boots, to shivering in a chambray dress and flats. What’s a good happy medium? While wearing this jacket during a walk near the strand with my husband, I realized that this pink jacket was my solution. The sun hadn’t quite set yet, so even though it was warm I didn’t feel uncomfortably warm, and when the wind picked up I was glad to be wearing another layer. I had been meaning to get a pink jacket/coat for a while, but never really found one that I liked that was within my price range. I’m really happy with this one, I think it will transition nice into spring.



4Heart elbow patches for Valentine’s Day 

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