Switzerland & The Top of Europe


The best part of our Europe trip was hands down my stay in Switzerland. After weeks of not talking to the usual friends, it was really nice to see other familiar faces again. I stayed with family friends in Switzerland and what was so great about it was being able to see a day in the life of your everyday Swiss. The family lived in a little farm suburb near Lake Constance, so the only tourists in the town were me. It was also a great time to put my mind to rest. I didn’t have to try and learn the language, I didn’t have to figure out the public transport system, or find good places to eat because it was all taken care of. I am so grateful for their loving hospitality.

During my stay in Switzerland, my hosts took me to Jungfrau, the Top of Europe. Although I had to leave the house at 5am, the beautiful view seen from the trains up the mountain was worth it. When we got to the top, I was blown away by how vast and incredible the view was. As far as the eye could see there were rolling green mountains juxtaposed with fierce and intense looking glaciers. What was even more incredible was the railway and construction for the Top of Europe began in 1893! How they were able to heave supplies up a mountain almost 14,000 feet elevation is beyond me.


{The train ride up the mountain}


{These glaciers were some 900 meters or about 3,000 feet thick. To put it into perspective, those little black dots on the bottom right corner are people.}


{Ice tunnel that goes through the mountain}


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