Tips For Glowing Skin



I love having healthy, glowing skin and since we are in the midst of summer I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share how I achieve this look. I may be not makeup expert, but I know what works for me. Here are my tips for achieving long-lasting glowing skin:

1 It starts form the inside, out – I make a fruit and veggie juice almost every week. I noticed that consistently imbibing a vitamin-packed juice makes my skin visibly looked brighter, not to mention that it makes me feel really good too. My favorite is this one.

2  Prep your skin – Before I apply any makeup I always put on my under-eye moisturizerface oil, and sunscreen. This gives my skin a nice clean base to work with and also prevents my skin from getting dry throughout the day.

3 Apply foundation – I have tried so many foundations seeking one to give my skin that airbrush look. The best one I’ve used has been the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This foundation matches my skin tone so well I’m always surprised when I apply it. It’s quite a splurge, but it’ll last me a solid year.

4 Invest in the perfect bronzer – One of the most important steps for glowing skin is finding a bronzer that looks good on your skin. I have tried some that look too orange, brown, and ashy on my fair skin, but my two favorites are by theBalm and Hourlgass. I apply bronzer using a big, fluffy brush anywhere the sun would naturally touch my face.

5 Apply a highlighter – I love this step beaus it really transforms the look from bronze to glowing skin. Using my fingers, I apply my highlighter to my brow bone, the inner corners of my eyes, on my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. This is my favorite.

And that’s about it! If I feel up for it I’ll apply a little mascara and a nude gloss to finish, but I love how easy this look is. I like to spend less time in front of a mirror and more time outdoors. I’d love to know, what are your tips and tricks for glowing skin?

If you’re interested, this YouTube tutorial is a great one for learning how to get a bronze look.

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