What I’m Looking Forward To…

With August slowly coming to a close, I can’t help but feel excited for fall. The sun has started to set a little earlier and our garden is starting to  die  change color. Although the weather in LA doesn’t drastically change from season to season, I like to make a few changes around the house to put me in a festive mood.


spiced apple cake ~I can’t wait to make this Spiced Apple Cake with Eggnog Sauce {www.epicurious.com}

pumpkin decor ~This centerpiece could look nice and simple for a coffee table. {www.hometalk.com}






wool scarf

~A good chunky scarf is a great way to keep warm as the weather cools off. I love the wine color of it too. {www.nordstrom.com}


winelips ~I like how her makeup is done with a bold lip and smoky eyes.{www.pinterest.com}



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