Wine Review – Buti Nages of Rhône, France

Do you ever find yourself at the store dumbfounded by all the possible wine and beer options? I generally pick my drink of choice based on the flavor or region that I’m familiar with. With so many options, I decided there needed to be a way to keep track of the drinks I’ve tried and enjoyed. With that, I’d like to start a new series that documents the wine and beer that I have tried and recommend. That way, the next time you or I find ourselves staring at the endless options at Bevmo or Total Wine, we have a reference. Disclaimer: I am by no means a wine or beer expertise. I just know what tastes good and what I like.

Buti Nages

To kick off this new series I’d like to introduce this blend by Buti Nages – a Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre blend.


Overall, it’s a palatable and affordable dinner drink that I would be interested in buying again.

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