Work Week Wear – Dressing for Success

My favorite part about having a professional job is dressing up for work. As superficial as that may sound, I do believe there is a psychological aspect in dressing for success. The Wall Street Journal posted an article about this topic concluding that wearing nicer clothes yields higher success.  While I do agree with that, I don’t think everyone needs to wear a suit in order to be successful. Rather, dressing presentably for work shows that you respect your work environment. Often times, that respect from coworkers is mirrored back.  A Forbes article mentioned that we adopt the attributes associated with the clothing we wear.  Do you agree with that statement? On the days when I’m feeling like a million bucks because I’m wearing an awesome dress that I got for steal (see below), I’m excited to go to work and do well. Have you felt that way before?

The other fun part about dressing up for work is it’s just that — fun. When else am I going to wear high-waisted slacks and a button-up? Fashion is an art, and it’s enjoyable putting together outfits because it’s an outward reflection of personal creativity. That being said, I do enjoy wearing leggings as much as the next gal!

What do you think about this topic? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Work Week Wear – Various Outfits for the Work Week

{This dress is on sale here}

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